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03/30/09 11:12 AM #143    

Kathleen Kennedy (Rice)

Deirdre's memory of first period swimming (yuk!) reminded me of something. Was that a butane powered curling iron that would be passed around after gym? Didn't you get it for your birthday, Paula? Was electricity not yet invented...why didn't we just plug something in? Looking back at the pictures, I guess tools were a requirement to achieve that perfectly rolled bang look.

03/30/09 06:37 PM #144    

Paula Gagliardi (Murphy)

I did have a cordless curling iron! Serioulsy, how much more dangerous was it to plug something in as opposed to carrying around a tube of flammable butane at school??

04/16/09 02:13 PM #145    

Bruce Weakland

Where did everyone go? Facebook?

05/12/09 10:04 AM #146    

Kevin Doolittle

Is there any definate date set for the reunion so those who have to travel can start making early plans?

05/13/09 07:13 PM #147    

Daniel Phillips

Hey everyone. I recently recorded an unplugged take on The Killers' "When You Were Young." Considering the title, I was kind of thinking about the class of '89 and all the memories while I was singing. If you are interested, you can download it from my blog, here:

Dan Phillips

p.s. Had lunch with Mr. Fawcett a couple weeks ago while I was visiting my mom. He's still a funny/feisty fellow with mad integrity. In case anyone was wondering...

05/13/09 09:51 PM #148    

Janice Baker

Dan - no surprise... it's great. I love that you are still getting your kicks with music. Fabulous.

05/14/09 04:25 PM #149    

Tricia Kearney (Babel)

That's awesome, Dan. Glad you shared it.

05/15/09 11:33 AM #150    

Bruce Weakland

Very cool!

05/15/09 07:10 PM #151    

Colleen Dowd (Thomas)

You are so talented. It is refreshing to see that you still have a way with words. I feel as if I have lost some of my intellectual substance due to being around middle-schoolers all day long! Thanks for sharing.

05/15/09 11:16 PM #152    

Kevin Doolittle

Way cool Dan you still have that magic touch with music, you rock.

05/21/09 05:59 PM #153    

Kelly Evanko

I was wondering if we were having the reunion still! some of us from out of town need to know to make arrangements! can someone please let us know!

05/21/09 10:36 PM #154    

Katina Paterakis (Cansky)

YES....We are still having reunion...Dates are what was posted...Friday July 31- August 2, 2009. We will have information posted within the week.Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial day weekend!!

07/06/09 02:05 PM #155    

Deborah Fischbach (O'Brien)

Hey Got a question for everyone, what type of attire is everyone wearing on saterday? I am coming from out of state and need to know what to bring. Thanks,

07/06/09 06:11 PM #156    

Dawn Schupp

Thanks Deirdre. I had the same question.

07/06/09 10:08 PM #157    

Deborah Fischbach (O'Brien)

Thanks that helps a lot I already had a idea of what to wear and now I am sure what it will be!! See everyone there!!

07/25/09 12:15 PM #158    

Jodi Bloser

Hello, all. Had dinner with Mrs. Meyer the other night. She says to say Hi to everyone. FUN lady...

07/27/09 09:39 PM #159    

Tricia Kearney (Babel)

Have fun this weekend! Unfortunately, we won't be able to make it. We'd originally planned to make a week of it, but the timing didn't work out and our girls' just started back to school. So, hopefully we'll see some of you this fall when we head up. If not, time seems to be flying, and the 25 year reunion will be here before we know it.
Enjoy! We'll be toasting ya'll with Natty Lites and a game of Thumper this weekend.

08/02/09 04:30 PM #160    

Heather Cook (Pochatek)

Hats off to Michelle, Katina and Melissa for organizing all the festivities and Paula for starting the website! This was a very memorable weekend! Thanks Class of 1989!

08/03/09 10:03 AM #161    

Kenneth Nahigian

AWESOME weekend, All. Enjoyed seeing everybody and catching up. Thank you to Michelle, Melissa, Paula, and Katina for all of the work. It's nice to know that everybody is doing so well.

08/03/09 12:04 PM #162    

Kathleen Kennedy (Rice)

What a blast! I don't think I've had that much fun since St. Patrick's Day, 1988. The slide show is great, Paula.
Katina, Melissa and Michelle.... I hope your getting some well deserved rest this week. I could never have pulled all that off (especially the 5:00am pavilion save on Sunday after 2 hrs of sleep)
Time to detox.

08/03/09 04:17 PM #163    

Robert Rice

Thanks again Katina, Melissa, Michelle and Paula.
I'm very proud to be a part of this class. What a bunch of good people!

08/03/09 05:27 PM #164    

Kelly Evanko

Many Thanks to Michelle, Melissa, and Katina on the amazing job you guys did organizing our reunion! It was so great to see everyone! It is going to take me days to recover! Everybody looked fabulous and none of us look our real ages! Looking forward to the next one!

08/03/09 06:38 PM #165    

Dawn Schupp

Thank you Michelle, Melissa, Katina, and Paula for all of your hard work and time. It was a great weekend and I loved catching up with everybody. Everyone looked great! I think we've all come a long way in 20 years. Who woulda thought?

08/04/09 05:41 PM #166    

Katina Paterakis (Cansky)

Just want to thank everyone for coming out... glad to hear everyone had a great time...its been 2 days & i'm still recovering myself.

There are about 5 t-shirts left...ANYONE interested please call my cell phone@440-289-3781. FYI-MY VOICE MAIL MESSAGE WILL SAY YOU HAVE REACHED DANIELLE, that is ME,...price is $10 or $13 to mail out to you.

04/11/10 12:56 PM #167    

Daniel Phillips

Just a shameless slice of self-promotion. I'm coming to Cleveland to play a show (as Zapruder Point) in a couple weeks. Details below; come on out if you can!

Saturday, April 24, 2010
Happy Dog Bar
58th & Detroit

Mike Uva & Bad Eyes
Bill Fox
Goodmorning Valentine
Zapruder Point

I'll be playing mostly solo, with a friend here or there on drums, violin and extra vocals throughout. Cheers!

Danny (Scott's brother)

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